I've heard of "free vacations," but there's always a catch. What's the real deal here?

This is the one we hear the most. The simple answer is that most hotels operate with a known vacancy rate. By partnering with us, the hotel resorts are minimizing their vacancies in order to reach their desired goal of full occupancy. Rather than leaving rooms vacant, they would prefer to offer a free room, allowing you to experience their hospitality, restaurants, shops and other conveniences, with hopes that you'll extend your stay for more nights, that you'll refer friends, and that you'll become a repeat customer.

Do I have to sit through a long timeshare sales presentation?

Simple answer: NO (not even a short one). There is no hidden sales agenda behind this program. It's the simple case of hotel resorts turning room vacancies into opportunities to show off their accommodations in hopes of gaining return visitors.

What is the customer's cost to use the 22 destination vacation offer?

A $14.97 shipping & handling fee and room taxes of less than $12.00 per night depending on the resort city selected. That's an average of just $13.50 per person per night for 1st class accommodations in their choice of resort cities.

Do I have to purchase airfare or attend any sales presentation to receive this offer?

NO. Never, you always get these vacations with no strings attached.

What do I have to pay for the Las Vegas vacation and what type of rooms are available in Las Vegas?

You pay only the room taxes which are never more than $6.00 per person, per night. You stay at a major Hotel Casino.

What are the blackout dates on these vacations?

The week before or after any major holiday and major conventions at some resorts. Weekends also require a small surcharge.

How long do I have to use the vacation once it is issued?

1 year from the issue date.

What would I pay for the same rooms in a sample city without your offer.

Las Vegas during the month of March 1999 our hotels mid week advertised rates run from $50 to $190.00 per night for the same rooms as you will receive. 




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